Comeback like a boomerang!

Hey lovely peeps~

I am finally back blogging on WordPress and for some reasons, i am also making this my daily blog! Instead of just blogging about my k-pop fanaccounts, i have decided to also blog about other stuffs as well. I always feel much more comfortable using WordPress. u_u



For weeks i have been contemplating if i should use this blog as my daily blog as well. So one day, i sat down with a cup of green tea and thought hard about it. I have always used this blog as a secondary blog for k-pop fanaccounts.

But why shouldn’t i?

I will still be updating a lot on k-pop stuffs (and i actually mean A LOT)
So do look forward to my posts~




[FANACCOUNT] Boys Republic “I’m Ready” Showcase in Malaysia 2013

eventAlright, this post is really really really belated.

Anyways on the 8th Dec 2013 i managed to get myself into Boys Republic’s showcase! I love their Party Rock song and i find them really adorable in an episode of Rookie King on MTV that i watched.

So the day started fine. i got to Bentley Music Auditorium at like 2pm and i was at the back 50 people already omg.

So anyways i was there alone and waited. You know, the normal things you do is wait and wait and wait.

During the wait, the Boys Republic Intl/MY fanclub  gave us cheering  slogans and fanchant paper but it wasn’t enough for so many of us so i didn’t get any. ;;;

The organizer kept us all in place which was pretty good and thank god for the air conditioning. As we were sitting suddenly the organizer announce then the boys will be walking pass us to get into the auditorium! We all stood up with our cameras and waited. Suddenly we all screamed at some kpop looking dude and then burst into laughter because we thought it was one of the boys but turns out he is not. I think he is a stylist or someone but he is really good looking.

I managed to get a footage of the boys but it was too shaky i would not really upload it. Then suddenly the organizer stick up a paper saying that the first 50 fans to show them the Malaysia version of the Identity album gets a free pass to the meet and greet!

Of course i was at the back 50 i had no hopes but suddenly as they were getting some of the fans in, i managed to squeeze into the top 50 and got a free meet and greet pass with the boys!

I waved my album like crazy and they let me in as the last person. omg.

And the meet and greet is actually a photo session with the boys. i wasn’t expecting that!

So i was pushed infront of Dabin and the photographer asked me to bend down a little as i am blocking Dabin’s face. WHAT i am not even that tall. but as soon as i got infront of him, i managed to get a high 5 from Minsu and i shook Dabin’s hand.

As i were preparing for the photo, Dabin suddenly placed his hand on my left shoulder. i almost screamed. oh my goodness. His hand is warm and sort of soothing!



I look really short in that photo because i was the only one bending down a little. gosh ><

So after the photo session, I managed to talk a little to Sungjun but the security pushed me away. I grabbed his hand and he turned to me

me: sungjun oppa i like you! i like you alot!

sungjun: eo!! good! /surprised that he grinned and gave me two thumbs up!/

Minsu is just really really handsome up close. my gosh. he is like a doll!

Alright so after the photosession the other fans were let in and we stood behind a steel bar as we are NORMAL ticket holders and the seats only goes to the VIP ticket holders.

Anyways the whole showcase was awesome! But the fans screamed so much and pushed about really rudely which i got mad and yelled back ‘stop pushing!’ i usually dont do that but they are really too rude.

The showcase started with them suddenly performing Justin Bieber’s Beauty A Beat. i was shocked as to why but they did it so well!

Fans actually sang happy birthday to Sungjun and Onejunn. Onejunn is really comfortable with the fans and he likes to play around. I could hear him singing ‘Happy birthday to me’ XD

Anyways the games sessions were really cool. They had this make-up game and the boys are to make-up the girls. Minsu was actually so lost looking at the make-up brush set he kept asking the translator. it was too cute ><

The showcase was really good if not for the constant pushing by the fans.  I mean it is to be expected but some fans were so rude they’d push past u just so they can stand infront?? like hello, u got here later so u stand at the back.


The fansign or actually the autograph session is just so disappointing. i thought it would be a nice autograph session but no, apparently they had about 10 fans each round and they put your album cover on the tables. The boys they sign it and you don’t actually get back your own album cover ( i got someone elses gdi)

I had to take out all my sticky notes and i was so disappointed and mad.

And they security didn’t give you time to interact with the boys they just push you as soon as u get to stand infront of the boys for 1 second. I asked one of the staff saying that i want them to write my name but at least she was smiley and polite in replying no. /shrugs/

I got the boys lollipop of different flavors and asked them to choose! That is the only interaction i got from them. T_T


me: oppa! pick one!

Onejunn: /looks up at me/ ????

me: choose one! only one! /takes up one finger/

Onejunn: ah!! one? okay. /stares really hard at all the lollipops because taking one out/ This one! 

me: oh okay! high 5?

Onejunn: high 5!! /high 5’s my hand and grins really cutely/

Onejunn is really comfortable with fans. he hugs them and shows them alot of skinship and is really funny too. haha


me: omg oppa, i like you alot. i really really like you!

Sungjun: oh? ara! (trans: i know! – i guess he says that because he remembers me from the photo session??)

me: oppa, pick one. /hands out the lollipops to him/

Sungjun: /looks at it and picks one out/ thank you!

Before i could reply sungjun the security pushed me to Minsu! so i was looking at Minsu already but suddenly i saw a hand in front of me and i’m like ????

I looked over to Sungjun and he was smiling up at me (because im standing up already) and he motioned for his hand. Apparently Sungjun stuck out his hand to me and i held his hand. It wasn’t a handshake but more like holding hand(?)

oh my godd okay. bias. oh my god.


me: oh hi!

Minsu: hello! 

me: pick one lollipop!

Minsu: /picks the purple one because it stands out the most lol/ thank you!

me: high 5?

Minsu: /gives me a high 5/

Okay Minsu looks so handsome like a doll. his face is perfectly flawless! his lips/nose and eyes are so perfect. /spazzes/ im having bias issues with this guy but Sungjun won me over with than holding hands thingy.


me: hi!! /stares at his really pretty eyes/

suwoong: hello!

me: pick one! choose one! /shows him the two lollipops/

suwoong: two?

me: no, one only~ 

suwoong: oh? one? /shrugs a bit/ okay. /takes one/

before i left i just look at him and we high 5 lol. suwoong is also really really handsome. he doesn’t look younger than me omfg T_T


me: annyeong!

dabin: oh annyeong~

me: this is for you /give him the last lollipop/

dabin: ???

me: for you! 

dabin: oh thank you! /takes the lollipop and stares at it for a while/

me: ah… high 5? 

dabin: eo.  /gives me a high5/ byebye~

me: /laughs/ byebye!

dabin is really the fanservice king. he gives so much fanservice but not as much a Onejunn. keke.

Anyways the staff shoved me the signed album cover and i realized it wasn’t mine but they won’t let me change it. ugh.


So there is only one passage which is to exit and the stupid thing is, once you exit they won’t let you in again!

So the sad me sat outside to relive the moment in my head and waited for my parents.

Overall, this showcase is good but the most disappointing fansign i have ever attended.

20131208_191624 copy

20131208_191742 copy

20131208_194113 copy 20131208_195051 copy


there are not many decent fantakens because of the lighting and the pushing and shoving from the fans.

and i am too lazy to upload my fancams. 😛

clickitty click for more fantakens here!



chiao for now~!

new hair, purple?



Guess what, peeps?

i have FINALLY gotten my ever wanted PURPLE OMBRE HAIR

i did a lot of research for the best color that would fit me and also a dependable hair salon to do it

well, let the pictures speak for you!

(( i have recently tried taking self-portraits ))

//shamelessly post photos of myself ;;; //






im loving my new hair but it’s a lot of work to maintain it TuT

feel like some K-POP idol with really cool hair color. keke



[update] Boys Republic Showcase in Malaysia


so, here is a mini update of what i have prepared to see Boys Republic this Sunday.

badummtsss~ another fansign (god bless, i love going to fansigns)

basically i prepared a small gift for Sungjun~ keke

i’ll get the others their gifts on other days.


Also, i have prepared post-it questions!

I pretty much took all day to think of questions that do not take a long time to answer and also fun questions. ><

i’m guessing these are the pages they will be signing on since it look the neatest. They might be using silver/gold marker. (just a guess)

anyways i could still peel off the post-its and place them elsewhere if these pages are wrong~



i have one question for each member but i’m only showing you a few.

let’s pray they would have time to answer them TuT

BOYS REPUBLIC will be coming to Malaysia!



So you might have heard the k-pop group Boys Republic will be here for a promo tour in Malaysia!

They will be here for 4 days and 3 nights where the highlight of their visit is their “I’m Ready” showcase~!

As soon as i found out about the news on twitter, i immediately planned on going to see them.

So, the good thing is that they started selling their “Identity” album in Speedy video stores and from the mall i’m working in, there is one! *blessed

So anyways, you only need to get the Malaysia version of their “Identity” album and instantly get 2 showcase tickets! And guess what, from Universal Music Malaysia’s facebook page, they said there will be an autograph session right after the showcase and you only need to show them the Malaysia version album that you bought!

Cool isn’t it? Showcase + Fansign.

However there is more~! If you’re a HUGE fan of Boys Republic, you might want to join in their Bowling session with fans and Half-day KL City tour. For those passes, you might need to win it from 8tv Nite Live, Harian Metro, and MY FM!

So for more information you might want to stay tune to Universal Music Malaysia facebook page

Here is a short video of them greeting Malaysia fans!

Anyways, this is my album and showcase passes for Boys Republic’s Showcase!


See them soon~!




On the 3rd November 2013, i visited Isetan KLCC because i heard there is a Korea Fair going on!


The Korea Fair basically starts from the first level of Isetan to the highest level. The first level being the korean food fair, of course they give you free testers and a place for you to eat korean street food which i am sad to say i was too full to even try any of it.

The second floor which is the women’s clothing was selling many korean clothing brands! namely, Spicy Color and even Elstinko t-shirts/bags and caps.

They even gave out beauty product samples and all the staffs are korean so their english is a little limited but they’re really nice and tries to explain a lot.

And the main highlight of the whole Korea Fair is…


Yes you heard it, fans of SM Ent artists namely EXO, SNSD, SUPER JUNIOR, SHINEE and DBSK crowded the area to get their favorite idol’s official merchandise flown all the way from Korea~!

However, me being too poor to afford anything there (because the price of the merchandises are ridiculously expensive), did not get anything. im really sad.

Every fangirl was hogging the EXO merchandise table, the merchandises were mostly wiped out and the staff took a long time to restock those items.

Instead of reading my talking to no end, i’ll let the photos do the talking instead~!

20131102_154216 20131102_154226 20131102_154248

















20131102_155114 20131102_155213






The Korea Fair is still on going until 14th November 2013

So if you have not attend it, go~!



[How-to] Attending K-POP fansigns in Malaysia pt.1



I attended my first fansign back in 2012 which is Block B’s mini showcase in malaysia and after coming down from the fansign stage, i began regretting things i should have done.

This is why i am writing this ‘how-to’ for those first timers that will be attending KPOP fansigns soon so they don’t regret things they didn’t do.

For part 1, i will be talking about ‘WHAT TO BRING TO FANSIGNS’

it is also a checklist for you so you don’t arrive at the fansign venue and be like ‘OH NO, I SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT IT.’


1. Your fansign tickets (or anything that allows you into the fansign)




This is very important, if you lose this you won’t be allowed into the fansign session!


2. Your kpop album / poster



some organizers will provide the album/poster for you to sign on but if they say you can bring your own album to let them sign, then bring it! Contact the organizers before hand to make sure!


3. Sticky notes / post-its



Before going for the fansign, gather a few questions you want your idols to answer and write them neatly on your post-its and stick it on the page you want them to sign. Only one question per member. Besides that, have your name written on another post-it and stick it together with the question. You can tell your idols your name but sometimes with the fans screaming at the background they can’t hear you well, so write it on a paper and show them, they will write your name for you too!


4. Pens



Just in-case you suddenly thought of changing your post-it questions and what nots.


5. Water



To keep yourself hydrated while you wait for your turn!


6. Mints / breath fresheners



You will be approaching your idols really close and talk to them. You won’t want your breathe to smell, right?


7. Gifts for your idol



prepare the gifts for your idols and pass it to them when you are waiting for them to sign your album! some organizers will have boxes prepared specially for the gifts, if they do, drop it in the box because if you pass them presents when the boxes are already prepared, most of the time the staff will take the gifts from the idols and throw it into the box (might spoil your present) If they don’t you can pass it to them personally when you meet them up close.

Gifts such as bracelet, hold it with you. when you are close to your idols, ask them if you can put it on for them. if they allow it, wear it for them!


8. Fan letters



You can either drop it at the boxes provided or hand it to them. If the fansign time limit allows, you can read a really quick one to them.


9. Bring a stool / mat for you to sit on. Some fansign venues do not provide chairs and if you don’t like sitting on the dusty dirty floor, you can bring your own mat. If you don’t have a mat, old newspapers would do.


10. BRING YOURSELF (obviously)


This is pretty much a list of items i bring to fansigns.

I hope many people can benefit from this

I am not sure how fansigns in Korea will be like so the list may change however in Malaysia, this list would do! you may add and take out some stuffs.








Here is my k-pop playlist of the week~

if you haven’t listened to the songs, go have a listen!


10.  Ghost of the wind – ZE:A

9.  Badman – B.A.P

8. Mambo – A-Prince

7. Be the light – Block B

6. u & I – Ailee

5. U R so cute – 24K

4. N.O – BTS

3. Run and Run – BigStar

2. Hope Torture – Song Ji Eun

1. We Are Bulletproof pt 2 – BTS